“The size of a wave at a given point in space is proportional to the probability that the electron is located at that point in space”.  Schrodinger’s cat: one of the most well known theories of all physics.  There are many benefits to this theory, as it gives us a better example of the unknowable solution to whether the cat is dead or alive.  Some of the setbacks, though: does the gauge count as an observer? The cat most likely counts as one, so the whole experiment’s gone.  HOwever, just as our experiment with the lonely astronaut, we must abandon the details and look at the big picture to get the idea.  Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle is disheartening, claiming we can never know where a particle actually is until we’ve observed it, and then we’ve basically botched the whole things as it now has a definite position where as earlier it could be anywhere(within  a range).


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